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Public Speaker Certificate
Dynamic Public Speaking for Success
Conquer your fear of public speaking and get a standing ovation every time!
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Mindbranding in 3 Days
Synergistically Combined Techniques to Rocket Fuel Your Language Learning
Teach yourself and your students a dynamic system of language learning that gets results fast!
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Online Language Teacher
How to Teach English (or any language) to online students.
Become a freelancer or work for an online school. This course shows you how.
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One of the fastest Public Speaking courses…

Be a Dynamic Public Speaker – Get  Standing Ovations and Conquer Your Fear of Speaking in Public 

YouLearn how to be a dynamic public speaker can speak in public and be rewarded handsomely! The guidance in this course will help you in your job, business or other meaningful endeavours where you need to present to an audience.

What has public speaking to do with TESOL/TEFL/ESL  work? Every time you step into a classroom and open your mouth, you’re speaking in public. Most schools recognise that. If you’re certified in public speaking your application will be more favourably considered. In many countries the more certificates you have the better the employers like it.

How does this help your TESOL career?  Most schools will decide your pay rate by how qualified you are. How do they determine your qualifications? By the amount of certificates you have.

You know you’re qualified to speak in public because of the amount of experience you’ve had, but without a certificate that confirms it, you can’t attract the highest pay rate. If you can present several certificates that establish your credentials you’ll be paid what you’re worth.

What will you learn?:
How to prepare so your confidence soars. How to introduce you message so your audience will be hooked from the moment you open your mouth. How to assemble your arguments in a convincing way so your audience will be on your side right throughout your presentation. How to concludein a way that motivates your audience to take action!

….and much more!

How to learn languages

Mindbranding blends visual,  auditory  and tactile/kinesthetic techniques together
  • The core of MindBranding© is spaced repetition trace memory recall with a twist
  • It uses visual prompts instead of audio – (many language programs are primarily audio)
  • It employs digital finger dance – a kinesthetic learning tool
  • Plus – Total Sensory Reinforcement – another kinesthetic learning tool
  • Standing up and getting out of your seat – puts blood in your brain and not your feet
  • Employs red to enhance memorization – Missouri Western State University Verified
  • It employs the Personal Core Vocabulary techniques – you choose your own words
  • Bi-directional translation
  • Linking – short-term to long-term memory
  • Cascadian Circadian Cycle
  • Plus – Audio Feedback
  • Mnemonic drawings

Application for Internship

What is an internship? It’s like a bridge between your learning experience – usually at a university or college but in this case with your online TESOL course – and your new career the purpose of which is to enhance your job prospects greatly by giving you experience and opportunities to develop. This also extends your TESOL hours to 120 which is a requirement of some language teaching schools.

Why do an internship? Evidence shows that university graduates that have participated in a paid internship program are more likely to get a job.

What about the FlashStart Internship? This is a self driven 20 week excercise in finding students, developing teaching material and delivering your lessons. Capture the voluntary language teaching you do by being organised and letting us monitor and certify your efforts. Each week  do 5 hours of student acquisition, lesson prep and class delivery. (2 hours teaching and 3 hours finding your students, designing the content and structure of the lessons).

Report back with a copy of your lesson plan and video. Teach 10 words/week, record your lesson and, over 20 weeks, you’ll accumulate 100 hours of prac. This will be invaluable in augmenting your TESOL Certification and finding a good job or setting up your own tutoring practice. More info…

Online Language Teaching – How to teach language online for profit and gain geographic freedom.

What’s the best way to teach language online? Is there more than one?

Yes! In this course you’ll get the whole picture. From where to start to how to grow.

Where will your students come from? How will you teach them? How much can you make?

All these questions and more are covered in this course. If you want to gain a greater measure of geographic freedom, then teaching language is a great way to break the shackles of being locked into a 9-5 job at the workplace. This course will guide the way.